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If, for whatever reason, you decide to return your jewellery to Carringtons Jewellers in exchange for a refund, you should familiarise yourself with our Terms & Conditions. These will give you a better idea of your consumer rights.

Carringtons Jewellers offer a 30 day, hassle free returns policy on all items. 

Please be aware that any items that are worn in pierced parts of the body – i.e. earrings and belly button bars – are not classed as Refundable Products for hygiene reasons.

How Do I Make A Return?

In order to return Refundable Products to Carringtons Jewellers, you must cancel a contract in accordance with clause 9.6 of our Terms & Conditions. You must also return the products within seven working days of this cancellation notice.

Please place the product in its original packaging/display box, unworn, and include any labels or tags that might have been attached to it. You should also use the original postage parcel or box, provided it is still fit for purpose, and ensure it is securely sealed. You need to specify the full value of the products being returned to the Post Office. For the purpose of the return, you should not factor in any discount that was received when purchasing the item(s).

Additionally, you need to ensure the insurance/compensation cover selected for the parcel either matches or exceeds the value of the products. You will be responsible for any additional insurance fees or costs that are incurred.

Please note any returned items that have been worn or show signs of damage may incur a refurbishment charge up to £100. We will assess your item upon return and contact you if any charges will be made.

Where Do I Send My Refundable Products To?

Please return your secure parcel to:

Carringtons Jewellers
123 Topping Street

Important: Make sure you obtain a certificate of postage to prove that you have sent the package.

Who Covers The Cost?

Generally, you are responsible for the cost of returning your items to Carringtons Jewellers, including any additional fees or insurance cover.

If we have agreed that the products you received were faulty or mis-described (see our Terms & Conditions for more details) then we will cover the costs. However, you are still responsible for the safe return of the products in accordance with the procedures outlined above.

As well as obtaining a certificate of postage, you must also provide evidence of your return costs - preferably in the form of a Post Office receipt.

We are happy to cover your expenses, as long as you:
• Are entitled to reimbursement
• Follow the returns procedure
• Provide returns cost evidence

Your return costs evidence must be sent via post to our main address (listed above) or via email to, and should contain a covering letter that:
• Outlines why you think we are responsible for your costs
• Requests that we refund your returns costs
• Provides relevant details relating to the products, i.e. order numbers and cancellation notices

We reserve the right to decide whether your refund request is reasonable in the circumstances.