Bespoke Solid 9ct Gold Baby Bangle


9 carat gold

Total Weight:
10.20 grams

Width: 5 mm Length:5.2 inches  (from end to end)

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Bespoke Solid 9ct Gold Baby Bangle handmade by our goldsmith. We use our old gold resources and melt them down, the goldsmith then creates a Heavy solid baby, curved edge bangle. The bangles once created, are sent to Birmingham Assay Office and stamped with our very own makers mark. The simple traditional torque design has been used in our family for our own children for 3 generations, they are easy to wear and the bangles can be squeezed together for a smaller size, and pulled apart to make bigger with age up to approximately 3-4 years.

This is a wonderful  bespoke present for any parent to receive for their child, a lifelong gift that has been lovingly made by our very own working jeweller. We only make a few of these a year and every single one is a different gold weight. The bangle can also be engraved.

As with any jewellery for a child we highly recommend supervision when wearing.

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