18 Carat Gold, Aquamarine & Murano Glass Crystal Bracelet


18 carat yellow gold

Aquamarine & Murano Glass Crystal

Total Weight:
31.00 grams

8 inches

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A heavenly bracelet by the Italian design house Cenzi Claudio situated in Trissino just outside Vicenza Italy. They use only the craftmanship of century old traditions followed by the goldsmiths of Vicenza, to ensure greater attention to detail and guarantee the exclusiveness of each individual item of jewellery.

This bracelet is filled with a beautiful array of 18 carat yellow gold, aquamarine and murano glass crystal that is made on the island of Murano in the Venetian lagoon.

Beauty does not come much purer than this amazing piece, so much work has been put into this design it simply oozes class and sophistication. It has 4 murano gold glass spheres which are encapsulated either side by orbits of aquamarine and 18 carat gold. The 18 carat beads are oval with a matte  finish on the outer and smooth and shiny on the inside to give it a 2 dimensional affect. The clasp is very fancy it pushes in to close and you press the 2 small balls on either side to release,  this design gives the bracelet a nice flow.

If you love attention to detail then this enchanting bracelet will not disappoint, it is a work of art and definitely an heirloom piece that could be past down through  generations to come.

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